The place has both historical and religious importance. Among the numbers of festivals are being celebrated here, out of them the main festival is “ Gumpha Ekadasi” popularly known as “Olasuni Yatra”. It is celebrated in the month of Magha masa (in between December and January) i.e. Magha Ekadasi, which is the death anniversary of Santha Arakhita Das.

The main item of Prasad (Bhoga) dedicated to Lord Arakhita are Podapitha9Bun), Khechudi(Mixed fried rice), Dahipakhal(Watery-Curd Rice) with Tulasi etc. Besides all these offerings, Sukhua (dry fish) and Kanjipani (Stale SourWater of rice) are also sacrificed to Lord.

In the morning of the day of Magha Ekadasi, thousands numbers of people are gathered on the spot and partaking prasada seva sitting together without any hesitation in spite of caste and colour and creed.

This famous festival is being observed for a week. This festival is burning example of propagating the massage of universal humanism ,fraternity and unity in diversity and eradication of untouchability. Santha preached ultimate truth of one “Bramha” that deals in the heart and soul of the every universal being. As described in the Mahimandala Geeta .
“Sakala Ghate Eka
Bramha !
Jahara Nahin Rupa Varna !!
Enu Tu Dekha Ekakari !
Omkara Tu Bichari !!
paramapurusa !
Arakhita Dasa !!
The most Significance of the
Pitha is that people believed, Kanjipani that removes or cures all sorts of diseases of human beings and the cattle.


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