The Bada of the temple has three parts, Pabhaga, Jangha and Baranda this temple has no Sandharva or Nirandhara.

The Pabhaga of main temple is built with Panchanga (five moldings), Khura, Kumbha, Patta, Kani and Basanta with artistic ornamentation where as Pabhaga of Jagamohana is built on simple structural from . The Bada of both main temple and Jagamohan are divided by Bandhana, which indicates the Talajangha and Uparajangha respectively .

Besides pabhaga of main temple, the other parts of temple are plain and plastered within thick cement and sand The Jangha and Gandi of the main temple are with equal division of Pancharatha plan. In the recess of the Bada in Talajangha near Basanta and in Uparajangha above Bandhana some artistic stone carving made in such a beautiful manner that it appears like dambaru.


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