This sacred place  of //Bramhadarshee Arakhita  undoubtedly is a place of assemilation of all religious beliefs.I would like to say,this is the only Pitha on the planet that has been growing with the philosophy of Brotherhood of men and Fatherhood of God. The teaching of Arakshita accepts the Omnipresenceness of God i.e god is every where. I should say that this is the right time and this place is the right place to spread the concept of Globalisation.

There is no restriction of foodstuffs of veg and nonveg. All types of foods are given equal treatment. Accoding to Bramhadarshee Arakhita it is the mind that defines the differences of foods.

Our body is made up of non-veg elements then how can we distinguise the differences in between veg and non-veg ? The man who has deep understanding on food ,he may not find any difference in food . It is the mind that drives the body but not the body that drives the mind.Food keeps the body alive and active.The body is under the control of  condition but mind is guided by intellegence.

Therefore, Bramhadarshee Arakhita says that Mind is in its own place ,it can make hell of heaven and heaven of Hell. At last,I aspire to establish the world peace by preaching the doctrines of Bramhadarshee Arakhita in the time of Globalisation. May Bramhadarshee Arakhita Bless the World

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