This monument is not the temple of any god or goddess rather it is a Samadhi Pitha of Mahapurusa and Santha.

The Mahasamadhi temple enshrining the Mahaprayana Gadi of Santha Arakhita Das built on Olasuni Pahada (hillock) it is Known from the local People and Mohanta Maharaj that after the Mahaparinirvana of Santha Arakhita the sacred temple Known as Bramha Mahasamadhi Gadi Mandira (see photo no-) was built in between 1835 to 1850 AD by the master architects and exports of the nearest village Sukuapara named Antaryami Moharana, accordingto the advice of the then Mohanta Maharaj to worship the Samadhi Gadi

The temple is built out of the dressed Khondolite stone available from this hillock.

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