The virtuous site bearing both legendary and archaeological importance is surrounded by network of five Buddhist hillock such as

LANDAPAHADA” in the south west, “PARABHADI PAHADA” in the west “RIGIDI PAHADA” in north east, “GANGI PAHAD” in north east and “LALITAGIRI-SUKHUAPADA PAHADA” in the north east in an approximate radius of 1k.m.

These five hillocks in the Ancient past constituted the “Great Pushpagiri panchali” according to the “”copper plate inscription during eastern Ganga King Devendra Varman-I.Dharma Lingesvava

The historic site and establishment was visited by the Chinesepiligrim Hiuen-Tsang during the 7th century A.D, who became exclaimedat the scenic beauty and the Buddhistic heritage of this historic siteand called “Pu-sie-po-ki-li” that is Pushpagiri. The top of thehillock Olasuni is about 7 AC of area, where the Mahasamadhi Temple existed.

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