Santha Arakhita was born and brought up in a royal family of Ganga dsynasty in the Badakhemundi royal estate of Ganjam district named in between year 1772-1782 AD, as the son of Padmanabha Deva, according to he autobiography (Atmacharita) of Santha Arakhita Das, His paternal name was Balabhadra Deva, and at the age of 18 he renounced the temporary world and become  an ascetic for the search of eternal truth that is “Bramha” .

In Olasuni or Sidha Gumpha Santha Arakhita practiced “Omkara Yoga” and perfect as a “Bramha Avadhuta”. He preached Visualised and also propagated the Omkara-Bramha at this Olasuni Khetra and composed Mahimandala Geeta consisting of 93 chapters, which is palm leaf manuscript form.

Now at present it is in active worship inside the room built over Olasuni Gumpha. He has also composed hundreds of Bhajans and Jananas on Nriguna Brahma and attended his Mahaparinirvana in about 1835 AD at Sidha Gumpha in the auspicious day of Magha Krushna Ekadasi.


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