The sacred land of Odisha is enriched in mushroom growth of both Puranic and historical sites and monuments of Brahmanical, BuddhistJaina, Islam, and Christian religions.

In addition to the TemplesStupas, Buddhist monasteries, and Jaina Relicsm the Islam and Christian monuments Odisha also yields an ancient and important historical, religious,and sanctuary shrine entitled “Olasuni Gumpha Dhama” in disguise a world famous ancient Buddhist site of 1st century BC or AD, turned to Hinduised shrine from 12th and/13th century AD, known as “Olasuni pitha” and then further converted to “Omkara Abadhuta Pitha” from last part of the 18th century AD.

The Perfect abode and Mahaprayan Khetra or the place of salvation of Bramha Darshi- Mahapurusa-Avadhuta-santha Arakhita Das is located in between the world famous Buddhist sites of Lalitagiri and Udayagiri in the undivided Katak District of Odisha.

The site has a rich archeological and historical importance but is beyond knowledge of historians, scholars, and archaeologists.


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