The sikhara of the main temple is surmounted by a Amalaka with a convexed khapuri is surrounded by a molding rope. The khapuri inserted by Dadhikalasa in magnificent scenic manner. At the Kalasa there is a Ayudha chakra in which the flag is fluttering called Abadhuta vana. The flag named as Abadhuta vana is known according to the bhajana of Santha Arakhita DasMahasunye Abadhuta vana uduchhi

The four numbers of idols placed in niches and windows of the Samadhi temple. The frontal door is approached by lintel showing at the middle a miniature icon of four armed Ganesh towards the eastern direction of the temple. a four handed standing image of Narayan or Bishnu holding flower Padma (lotus) and Gada (mace) in the lower hands, while uplifted upper hands hold Sankha (cronch) and Chakra (discus) is placed in the back side niche in Talajangha of the temple, in western direction.

The southern direction window in Talajangha of the temple in sampada posture, holding bow and arrow in left and right hands respectively. The northern side window in Talajangha of the temple enshrines the icon of Krishna Gopinath playing Mohonavansi in typical thrice bent dancing posture. The window and niche of the temple are also decorated in artistic work.


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