Beside the Samadhi temple another temple in also existed southern part of the spot which is built on the Orissan artistic of Pidha Deula. This temple is meant for Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra, in addition to Radha Krishna.

As a Pidha deula structure this temple posses three parts. Bada, Gandi and Sikhara, but this temple has no Jagamohana. The Jangha of the Bada divided by the Bandhana. The temple is built on Panchha Pidha style with several decoration. The Sikhara also surmounted a Amalaka with a convexed Khapuri, inserted by a Dadhi Kalasa and above the Kalasa there is a Ayudha Chakra (discus) in a Magnificent scenic manner.

The images of Gajasingha are also placed on Gandi there is a lifty platform pedestal called Singhasana inside the temple, where the deities installed. The body the pedestal ornamented and decorated with beautiful artistic work.

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