We are going to Celebrate the famous OLASUNI MELA in memory of Saint Arakhiuta Das from 12th Jan-20th Jan 2018




About Sunya Purusha Santha Shree Shree Maha Purusha Arakhiuta Das

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About Olasuni

About Olasuni

The sacred land of Odisha is enriched in mushroom growth of both Puranic and historical sites and monuments of Brahmanical, Buddhist, Jaina, Islam, and Christian religions. In addition to the Temples, Stupas, Buddhist monasteries, and Jaina Relicsm the Islam and Christian monuments Odisha also yields an ancient and important historical, religious,and sanctuary shrine entitled “Olasuni Gumpha Dhama” in disguise a world famous ancient Buddhist site of 1st century BC or AD, turned to Hinduised shrine from 12th and/13th century AD, known as “Olasuni pitha” and then further converted to “Omk...

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Message Of Mahanta Maharaj Namananda Das

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