The Jagamohana of the Samadhi temple is built on Pidha Deula structure of Orissan architecture. The Bada has no artistic ornamentation. Only the icons of the females in dancing posture, and the images of male & females, Radha, Krishna are standing on the flowers, are fixed in specific distance near the baranda in four side of the Jagamohan, while in four corners of same baranda carried the erotic posture images of man and women. 

The Gandi of Jagamohan is up to three steps of pidha is single structure, but from their, it is divided into 6 numbers of separate identical structure, as if 6 numbers of gandi appears separately on same Mandapa in a visible distance. The pidhas are enriched by the support of the construction of Patala. Each structure has a sikhara surmounted by a amlaka with convexed Khapuri surrounded by a molding rope and inserted by a Dadhikalasa .

The statue of Lions, images of men and women, icon of Radha Krishna, statue of man on the horse back are placed on all divisional part of Gandi. In the frontal side of the Gandi the image of Santha Arakhita and Nrusingha also affixed in a proper pose and posture. The Samadhi Temple has three entrance (prabesha patha). The main entrance door in on the Eastern side of the temple and other two as on Northern and Southern side . The door jamb of Grabhagruha called as Nagabandha. In the middle of the doorjamb of Grabhagruha (sanctum) shows a sculpture, which appears to be figure of a deity, holding two lotus in the uplifted hands, two Elephants are standing on lotus (padma) on both side of the deity and two principal hands are in a Dhyana and Ashirbada symbol.

 The doorjamb is decorated in artistic work and two dwarapala also carved in lower part of bandha (see photo no-13). In Grabhagruha the Mahasamdhi Gadi of Santha Arakhita is worshiping . The main part of the temple plastered with cement and sand. The Gandi of Jagamohana is supported by two thick rounded pillars, which are in projected manner, in side to enriched the delicate carving with a Pyramidal pattern . The doorjamb of Jagamohana in front side is approached at the middle by a deity suspected a four armed Bishnu sitting on a man in bending posture with folded hand, assumed to Garuda.

The god holds Sankha(cronch) Chakra (discuss) in two uplifted hands and Padma (lotous) Gada (mace) in two lower hands . The entire thick body of doorjamb decorated in carved Dadhi Kalasa and ornamented in various artistic work . There is a sacred Banyan tree on
back side of the temple (see photo no-36).



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